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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Why choose Viedit?

We are a unique dedicated network of freelance movie makers who create the best short movies for an affordable price. Viedit makes it easy to find and work with the most creative and experienced freelance videographers, animators and video editors. All videos on a movie maker’s unique profile are validated and indexed. This makes it easy to define your taste, set expectations and find your ideal movie maker. Where other freelance platforms ‘help’ you find generic freelancers mainly based on price, the Viedit approach results in the best matches based on the proven skills, experience and creativity of movie makers. We believe in creating great videos by enabling you to find your ideal cost effective movie maker.

How to select your ideal movie maker?

You can simply define your taste by choosing from our rated movies and set expectations including your budget. The freelance movie makers will create offers that suit your needs. Before making any choice you can chat with the video editors and animators to clarify the wishes of your preferred video. Our network has movie makers from over 100 countries and languages to choose from.

How can I upload my footage?

Simply choose the video files from your device and they are automatically uploaded. If your footage is already stored in the cloud you can simply select the footage and we will import the videos. Viedit has an integration with Dropbox, Google Drive & Photos, OneDrive, Box, Facebook, Instagram, Picasa, Flickr, Evernote, Cloudapp, Alfresco, Amazon cloud drive and many others.

Which video file types can I upload?

Almost any, as long as they are not zipped or archived! Using mp4 files is recommended because mp4 is the most common file type for modern digital media files. Many editors also work with 3gp, mov, avi, wmv, mkv and mts files. Filetype can be relevant in finding editors, when using seldom used file types you risk your project not being accepted.

What is the maximum length my videos can be?

There is no limit to the length of uploaded footage. However we strongly advise to upload only short and relevant recorded videos because the editor has to preview, accept and download your videos. Shorter footage increases the chance that your preferred editors will create offers on your movie project.

Can I pay in my local currency (e.g. U.S. Dollar)?

Yes, you can pay in any currency. We only ask you to set a Target Budget in Euros. The movie makers will also create offers in Euros. When you select your payment method you can choose any currency including Bitcoins.

How do payments work?

You can pay with ALL common payment methods including: Credit Cards, PayPal, iDEAL, Bitcoin, SOFORT Banking, Bancontract / Mister Cash, Bank transfer, SEPA Direct Debit, Belfius Direct Net and paysafecard. Our payment provider is PCI DSS certified and under supervision of the Dutch Central Bank.

What is the Viedit fee?

Our fee is between 5% for Videography and Full Production projects and 15% for Video Editing and Animation projects. When a freelancer creates an offer their earnings are visible. For example, if a client pays €300, the freelancer gets €255 and the Viedit cut is €45. These fees help us to cover hosting, payment provider, assistance costs and to improve the Viedit network.

Money-back guarantee

If you’re not satisfied with the video edit or animation we ask you to explain us why based on your project description. The freelancer is given a final opportunity to improve the video to your satisfaction. In case the movie maker still did not meet the agreed requirements your money will simply be refunded.

Which videos can I create on Viedit?

Viedit movie makers create all kinds of short like animations, intro videos, promotion videos and content to promote your business on Need an aftermovie for your business event or looking to produce a big project via full production? These types of projects are also available on Viedit!

Consumers who want a professionally edited video can have their holiday and travel movies or home videos edited by a Viedit video editor. Got GoPro footage, footage of special moments like your birthday or wedding? Our editors are ready to turn it into unforgettable video memory. Not sure how you want to your video edited? Choose from a big range of movies to find inspiration for your video!

The length of a video created via Viedit can differ from a few seconds of a banner video up to hours of recording of any event like a wedding, presentation or business event.