Video techniques used by movie makers and animators

Different techniques make a unique and beautiful video!

There are many editing techniques available for making a video. While some videos are edited in a unique way, other videos are made using well known techniques like time lapse, stop motion, color correction, and slow motion to make the video more dramatic or more detailed. We'll explain some terms in a nutshell to show you what kind of technique will suit your video the best!

Time lapse

A time lapse video is a series of sped up videos that have been filmed over a long period of time. People often create time lapse videos about skylines and landscapes. Time lapse videos are also often used as filler video material.

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This video is made by filmmaker Dieter Kranenburg.

Green screen editing

Green screen editing is the process of removing the blur and flaws that were made during the Green screen filming process. The editing process to remove these flaws is very time intensive. Learn more about editing techniques

Color correction

Color correction is a process video editors can use to make your videos look better. It quite difficult to pull off, but our freelance video editors are more than capable of doing so for your videos. Although color grading is accessible to any editor within most editing programs it is still a profession on its own. A professional colorist can make a huge improvement to your footage, changing a drab shot into a vivid landscape or day into night.

This video is made by filmmaker Scott F Busch.

Slow motion

A slow motion video is a certain type of video where the frame rate is slowed down on purpose in order to slow down the video. It is common that people will use a specific camera to apply this technique, but it is also possible to do apply this effect with certain type of video editing software.

This video is made by filmmaker Mike de High.

Stop motion

Are you looking to create your own stop motion animation? Then you are in the right place. Stop motion videos are created by shooting one frame at a time, while moving the object in small increments to create the illusion of movement. At present, there are many variations of stop-motion, including but not limited to: stereoscopic stop motion, go motion, clay animation and object animation. Whatever you are looking for, creating motion graphics is a very time consuming to do.

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Using many alterations in a video can impact a movie's mood, like a happy video into a sad one. These processes take some time, but the results will impress your audience.

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