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Our believes, staff and career opportunities


The number of ways that businesses can interact with their stakeholders using videos are rapidly increasing. Every day we watch multiple, especially short, videos on various devices. These movies require skills, video techniques, creativity and time in order to become a compelling story. Freelancers can help you out here, but have you thought of the following:

  • How do you know in advance that the freelancer is creative, experienced and works cost efficiently?
  • How can you find the most suitable freelancer for your project?
  • How do you communicate your wishes clearly, come to an agreement and manage the process in its entirety?
  • How do you agree in advance that your payment is only transferred when you’re happy with the results?

Freelancers want their portfolio to be found and consequently draw in jobs that match their area of expertise, creativity and professional skills. They need their work to be endorsed and a guarantee that they’ll be paid when they’ve finished the project.


  • Viedit was founded due to a personal experience creating a sports video. We learned that it takes a lot more than just using a GoPro to create a great movie. But it was hard finding the right video editors. Our goal is to create an honest, transparent and worldwide video production platform, where:
  • Clients can easily find and work with the best freelance moviemakers all around the world.
  • Movie professionals receive a fair payment and get endorsed for their work.


Viedit only showcases professional’s portfolios containing movies that have been uploaded on their YouTube or Vimeo channels. On the filmmakers portfolios they can also express their skills, experiences and video editing software they master. Both movies and editors can be marked as favorite, which makes it easier for clients to find the most suitable professional who can do the job. Upon finishing the movie, the client rates the editor for the movie they created. Both clients and movie makers can comment on the public work of an editor, which encourages everyone to give reviews and increases the overall quality of our community of movie makers.

No-cure-no-pay-guarantee: Viedit only transfers the money to the editor or animator when the job is done. More on pricing.


  • We believe storytelling through short videos can be very effective.
  • We believe the power of storytelling lies in the hands of professionals who have the right experience, creativity and equipment.

Holland’s oldest city

Despite the fact that Viedit has become a truly international platform, we remember that its roots are from the oldest city in Holland.

Our staff

We're always looking for talent.
For instance Ruby on Rails and React Developers

Design & Media

Martin Renner

"I'm a designer with spirit. Life should not be taken for granted. Live yours to the fullest, and enjoy every moment of it. That's what i do every day!"

Martijn Wessels

Becoming an interaction designer, with a lot of video editing experience. At Viedit I'm responsible for the front-end of the website, with emphasis on user experience design.

Thomas van Trier

I can really enjoy a very good looking image. Therefore I am photographer and designer at Viedit. I really like sports like basketball & snowboarding. I also like hanging out with my friends.

Anne Heersma

I'm crazy about many kinds of art, tough I spend alot of time on the computer. Thats why I became a webdesigner. I'm into Interaction design because of the "Why" and "How else?"

Hein van der Wal

Web designer focusing on XHTML, CSS and PHP. Owner Huisstudio Hein Dordrecht: design, construction and maintenance of websites for individuals, schools and small businesses.

Jurgen Buijsse

I am studyin g management, economics and law. I like to optimize organisations by creating structures to work together. I also like to hng out with my friends.


Bas Hartendorp

I am studying Small business and retail management. Running a business has always been a dream of mine. And seeing how one is setup from the ground up, like Viedit has taught me a lot.

Bert Barendrecht

The internet is not bound by any borders, and neither are the markets that have evolved on the internet. I love putting clients and editors from opposite ends of the world together.

Daniël Ricardo Maas

When you spend your time doing awesome things you will find happiness at all places, at all times. Set goals, improve solutions and enjoy results. Failure is never an option as long as you learn from your mistakes.

Hugo Houweling

Im studying management, economics and law. I like to optimize organsations by creating structures to work together. I also like to hang out with my friends.

Raul Tiru

Digital Marketing is changing fast. I love being on top of the game, discovering loopholes and outsmarting competitors.


Beyza Yildiz

Communication assistant for Viedit. I like being able to work independently and try things by myself. You can only go forward by making mistakes, and I make mistakes. If I didn't make mistakes, I'd never learn.

Deniz Bakker

Working on my Marketing and Communication skills by the best internship-company you can work at! My hobby is to travel. - You travel for the unknown

Cigdem de Jongh

Working on the Marketing & Communication aspect of Viedit. Working here gives me the oppertunity to expand my horizon. My passion is art and I see the world as my own painting 'the Earth without Art is just Eh..

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