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Animated videos are excellent in telling your story. The pre-production process is a very time consuming process. Its crucial to write a decent script. The animators on the Viedit platform have a lot of expertise on these subjects and are always willing to help you out!

Viedit provides you with an easy way to get your video made. A simple 5-step process guides you in defining clearly how you would like the animation to be. The animators will reply with offers. You can chat with them before taking any decision. Choose the animator that fits your needs best. During the process you have the possibility to contact the animator to make sure the animation video will look like you had in mind. If the video does not meet your requirements you will get your money back.

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Find and work direct with the best global freelance animators. Simply post your animation project, get free offers and chat with the freelancers before taking any decision. The animators from over 100 countries, speak over 100 languages and offer a 24/7 animation service.

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Benefits of an animated video

Explain, educate, entertain

With video there is more social and emotional communication attached than with plain text When the viewer is hearing someone talk, the viewer is more likely to relate or connect with that person. This means that the viewer will understand your message faster and better in comparison with reading text. With a clear instruction video you can educate your audience easily. Which will result in more brand awareness and higher conversions.

Save time

People rather watch a video than read a whole web-page or document. Why? Because the attention span of a human is about 5 minutes. This means that you have 5 minutes to provide your audience with information before they lose their concentration.

So an animation video wil not only save your audience time but also make sure your message gets across within the 5 minutes. An animation for an app can also get people to download your app.

A powerful marketing tool

Video is more persuasive than any other type of content. Why? Because the human brain requires emotional input to make decisions. And no technology is better to convey emotions than video

In fact, studies show that over 80% of people say they are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it.

Learn more about video marketing

Boost your SEO

You have 50 times more chance to become on the first page of Google when you post videos on your website because Google is pushing video to the top of search results.

Your online video doesn’t have to be available exclusively on your website with free video hosting sites such as Vimeo and Youtube. Youtube is the 2nd biggest search engine in the world where everyday thousands of videos are uploaded. This is the place to be to have a video!

Your 3D animation video created by the best freelance animators

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Why 3D animation?

3D expands animation to unlimited possibilities. Adding depth to animation, realistic effects to live-action movies, and so much more! People spend millions on special effects in the movie industry. While programs like Maxon Cinema 4D, Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3DS Max and Blender can be used to make a 3D animations, it'll take a lot of time, knowledge and effort to make. But at Viedit we have a lot of experienced 3D animators who'll deliver a quality product in a matter of days. Now you won't have to spend too much time, and save a lot of money!

How 3D animation works

A model- that is what a 3D object is called, has to be made into shape and has to be textured. After that process is done, the animator can animate scale, rotation and movement in the horizontal and vertical axis. However, if the animator wants to simulate a hinge, like bones in the human body, they'll have to put them in the object and adjust them to the correct settings. Once they have modeled everything they need in the animation that, they can animate the whole animation without drawing or modeling anything new.

The good thing about 3D animation is that it's style can be easily changed depending on the texture it has. This method can be used to make simple animations to highly detailed ones. The more detail there is in the animation, the longer it'll take to make the model, to animate, and to render(digitally printing the animation into a movie).

Special 2D animations

2D Frame-by-Frame (Stop Motion)

While 3D is becoming a greater deal in the animation industry, 2D animations have their own charm, which 3D cannot(yet) achieve. As the origin of animation, it all began by putting one picture after another, where each picture is slightly different from the previous one. This is one of the reasons why animation is called moving pictures!

With Frame-by-Frame animations, every detail can be put in the animation and the animation can be as smooth as you want it to be, but drawing every frame over and over again is very time consuming.

2D Motion Tweening

Similar to the 3D animation technique, this technique requires the artist to draw something once, and with that drawing the artist can animate movement without drawing everything again every frame. By placing a frame in the timeline after changing the object’s position or rotation angle, the computer will calculate the path from one frame to the other. Simple animations and shapes can be quickly animated using this technique.

Animations using this technique can be easily adjusted, and saves a lot of time compared to a Frame-by-Frame animation. It's downside is that it is noticeable that this method is used as the animation won't look natural when there is too much detail in the animated object.

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