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Benefits of an app trailer

Video makes a difference. Whether it is the Google Play Store or iTunes Store, the trend of videomarketing affects your app and your business. Currently more than 50% of the app developers make use of app trailer videos. Applications that make use of an app trailer have a chance to get starred on the front-page of Google's Play Store or the iTunes Store. Getting starred is seen as 'the ultimate goal'' for app developers and publishers.

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What is an app trailer?

An app trailer is a promotional video, specifically designed for informing your potential app-user of the endless possibilities your mobile application has to offer. Well-designed and beautifully executed trailers get widely distributed on the Internet, making videomarketing one of the most efficient ways to get your mobile application noticed. But it gets even better, since tablets have become more common, Google's Play Store and the iTunes Store have seen an incredible increase in app-downloads and more important: in-app purchases.

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