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What is an event movie?

A promotional video, most frequently used to remember your audience of how great your event was. Enthousiastic visitors want to tell their family, friends, colleagues about the amazing experience that they had. It is this moment that matters most, as your visitor is more sensible for your event video. Well-designed and beautifully executed event movies get widely distributed on the internet, informing and inspiring an even bigger audience of your held event. Not only do you increase your guest retention rate by using an event film as a promotional tool, you also build up a bigger audience for your next event.

Get inspired by our event videos:

All of our videos are verified, indexed and rated.

Why use a video for your event?

Videos make a difference. Whether you are hosting a business event or a music festival, the trend of movie marketing affects your business. Most of todays big happenings make use of event movies, because they are proven to be very effective. In a generation of social media, a promotional video can lead to viralness, which can lead you to success.

What can Viedit do for you?

  • ✓ We can help you gain more following and fans with a beautiful event movie.
  • ✓ Get taken more seriously and attract more public.
  • ✓ We make having a professional event video more accessible and easy
  • ✓ Event movies will be edited by professional freelance video editors starting at $50
  • ✓ Remind the public of how awesome the event was so they will come back next time.
  • ✓ Brings you in contact with more than 2000 editors, with verified portfolios.
  • ✓ Viedit acts as your trusted third party, satisfaction guaranteed!
  • ✓ More than 50,000 video examples
  • ✓ More than 2,300 freelancers
  • ✓ Editors can also edit your music video
  • ✓ Money back guarantee!

  • ✓ More than 50.000 videos
  • ✓ Event movie production made easy.
  • ✓ More than 2300 freelancers
  • ✓ Create your ideal event video
  • ✓ Satisfaction guaranteed!

  • - A nice way to look back on everything that has happened.
  • - A good tool for keeping your visitors engaged with your website.
  • - A nice way to create content on your website and generate traffic.
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Getting started

Viedit makes the process easy. A simple 5-step process guides you in defining clearly how you would like the video about your event to be. Our freelancers will reply with offers. You can chat with them before taking any decision. Choose the moviemaker that fits your needs best. During the process you have the possibility to contact our freelancers to make sure your after movie will look like you had in mind.

Benefits of an after movie:

Have you recently been to an amazing party and are trying to edit the video fragments you made there into a video montage? Doing so in modern video editing software can be quite challenging. Don’t worry though; Viedit will solve your problem. Our editors can handle any project. From business videos, animation, app trailers, video montages and more, no project is too big for the editors and freelancers on Viedit. By hiring an editor on Viedit you will no longer have to spend hours on complicated video editing software. You will save both time and money by outsourcing your project to the professionals on our marketplace.

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