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Why a music video?

Music and video go hand in hand. It is not a coincidence that every big artist has a music video with their hit song! Think about Thriller by Michael Jackson or BBHMM by Rihanna, those songs are global hits mostly by their amazing and mood setting music videos. We also understand that fans need to see and emerge in the artist's life to become more connected to them. The fans need to see what they're talking about, to understand and feel like they feel.What is more perfect than a music video to accomplish that?

How can I get started?

Viedit makes the process easy. A simple 5-step process guides you in defining clearly how you would like the music video to be. The moviemaker will reply with offers. You can chat with them before taking any decision. Choose the moviemaker that fits your needs best. During the process you have the possibility to contact the moviemaker to make sure the musicvideo will look like you had in mind.

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Freelance music video editors network

Artists are expanding their fan base and followers everyday with the help of an amazing music video. People in the music industry will take your work more seriously with a music video to support your unique music. Got video material for your music but can’t find a professional affordable editor? Use Viedit to find and work directly with the best global freelance movie makers and videographers. Find and work direct with the best editors. Post your music video project and get free offers. The movie makers cover over 100 countries, speak over 100 languages and offer a 24/7 music video editing service.

What can Viedit do for you?

  • ✓ We can help you gain more following and fans with a beautiful music video.
  • ✓ Start your way in the music industry as a professional and get taken more seriously.
  • ✓ Makes having a professional music video more accessible and easy
  • ✓ Music videos will be edited by professional freelance video editors starting at €50
  • ✓ Let the fans show how you are and what you personality is!
  • ✓ Brings you in contact with more than 2000 editors, with verified portfolios.
  • ✓ Editors can also edit your after movie
  • ✓ Viedit acts as your trusted third party, satisfaction guaranteed!
  • ✓ More than 50.000 videos
  • ✓ Animation production made easy.
  • ✓ More than 2300 freelancers
  • ✓ Create your ideal animation video
  • ✓ Money back guaranty!

Benefits of a music video

Expand your fanbase and following

Get more fans around the the globe with the help of an music video!

Make the fans feel connected

Listeners need to see what your talking about, take the listener to your world and make them a fan!

Make an professional impression

It's no secret that most artist get signed to a major label due to their music video and the attention that the music video has given them. Start getting noticed and make your passion your income!

Work with professional moviemakers

Viedit has over 2300 Freelance moviemakers. They help you to make the most awesome music video for your song. Choose Viedit and get an impressive end result!

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