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“Why should I hire a freelancer?” is a common question we get. We got the answer for you right here: First of all, a video editing freelancer is on average cheaper than a professional bureau. Our freelancers do not have much costs since they are usually working from home, therefore they can offer you a cheaper rate. For video editing, location is not important. You can work with any editor around the world, but if you prefer face-to-face contact, you can search for an editor near you. Good freelancers have a lot of experience. Each project they do and each client they work for increases their knowledge and experience. These benefits are used for your job too. Check out the portfolios of editors and select an editor based their previous experience. “How do I pick the right freelancer?” Might be one of the first questions you have when you consider hiring a freelancer. Picking the right freelancer on Viedit is easy. You can choose editors based on their verified portfolios or on the offer they do on your project. All our freelancers are rated based on their portfolios by the Viedit team.

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Find and work direct with the best global freelance video editors. Simply post your video editing project, get free offers and chat with the freelancers before taking any decision. The video editors from over 100 countries, speak over 100 languages and offer a 24/7 video editing service.

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It is quite common to have great raw footage, but unedited footage rarely makes for an appealing video. By adding cuts, effects and music, video gets much more entertaining.

In order to make your video truly amazing, you have to edit it.

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Video techniques

What is possible?

Video editing offers you a lot of possibilities. Your raw footage can be edited frame by frame, second by second making the perfect video for you.

Some video techniques our video editors use are:

  • -Green screen editing
  • -Color correction
  • -Time lapse
  • -Slow motion
  • -Stop motion

Want to know more about editing techniques? Or about video editing software?

For example Color Correction

Color correction is a process video editors can use to make your videos look better.

A professional colorist can make a huge improvement to your footage, changing a drab shot into a vivid landscape or day into night. You could for instance increase or decrease darkness of areas, change the brightness or increase the contrast of the overall image.

Leader in video marketing

Red bull is well known for their association with extreme sports. They organize a lot of sports events, and have these filmed. The unedited footage of these events would be boring to watch. Therefore Red Bull produces amazing videos, edited by the best video editors. They are a perfect example of a global company that utilises video for its branding activities.

The freelancers on the Viedit platform would love to help you create your perfect video!

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