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What can Viedit do for you?

Find and work direct with the best global freelance video editors and video producers. Simply post your project, get free offers and chat with the freelancers before taking any decision. The editors from over 100 countries, speak over 100 languages and offer a 24/7 animation service. What can Viedit do for me?

Why create a business movie?

Visual stories explain and strengthens your company's values and will help attracting the right clients, employees and suppliers. Using video or animation to explain the story behind your business is an engaging way to persuade your leads and convert them into sales. Video is one of the best marketing tools. A business movie is specifically created to promote a certain organization or event, most of the time to hit a certain goal. Just a simple movie of 30 seconds can be more effective than lots of pages of text. Therefore, Business movies are a highly effective marketing tool. You could use the movie on your companies website, to help your customers understand what you do and why you do it or use it on social media. A professional business movie is one of the most valuable ways for organizations to educate, convince, or inspire its audience. Read this page in Dutch

Your Safety video created by the best freelance video editors

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Your safety video created by a professional

Safety first! Giving good and clear safety instructions is one of the most important things in business. You do not want accidents to happen to your customers or your employees. By showing them a good video will make them remember your instructions better. In this way you can avoid problems and accidents easily, without telling the same boring story over and over again. Viedit offers 24/7 video editing and animation services in more than 100 languages. This makes it possible to have your video produced in several languages, so you can make a safety video in almost every common language.

Your Real Estate video created by the best freelance video editors

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Your real estate movie created by a freelancer

As a real estate broker you spend a lot of time taking your customers to the houses you offer to show them around. With the right video you can save time and money by giving them a first impression with a well edited video. The only thing you have to do is to film inside the house with your smartphone. It is easy and fun. Viedit offers 24/7 video editing services with thousands of editors from more than 100 countries, ready to turn your raw footage into a state of the art video that you would love to show to your client. Saving you time and work.

Create your business promotion video

A business promotion video is a great tool for your small business to tell your story. Videos are a great marketing tool and are easy to share on social media. Video promotion is one of the strongest marketing tools. You optimised your website perfectly in Google, but did you know that YouTube is search engine number 2? Easily tell your story with a state of the art video instead of trying to convince your audience with plain text. Viedit offers 24/7 video production services. You can choose from thousands of editors from more than 100 countries. You decide the budget and Viedit helps you find a suitable editor for your business promotion video

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