How to get a great Explainer Video

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A good explainer video tells your story

The best explainer videos explain what your business is all about. It provides an abstract view of how your product, service or organisation works. It is the first thing a potential customer experiences from your brand.

Animated explanimations have a great story with a plot, a goal, key characters and a clear call to action. See how easily we tell our story by video and get your own explainer video.

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Benefits of an explainer video

Convert visitors into clients by using an explainer video. Visitors are interested in watching short animated videos and spend more time on your site doing so. A powerful explanatory video is more likely to be shared than a webpage. Websites that embed a video rank higher in the Google search engine, gain additional exposure on social media and with an animated explanation you substantially improve the conversion of visitors to clients. Post your project on Viedit and receive free offers from our filmmakers, only pay when you are satisfied! View some examples of explainer videos

Why hire a moviemaker on our platform

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What makes a great explainer video

The optimal explainer video is about 30 seconds to 1 minute long and gets to the point immediately. Visitors are easily distracted and it's important to get them to watch your video, keep them interested and to get them to remember your message. The best explainer videos explain exactly what your audience needs to hear to become brand loyal fans.

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The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Killer Explainer Video

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