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Social video is one of the most important development on the internet since the beginning of the 21st century. With the decreasing costs of web hosting and improving technology it has become more accessible to post video's online.

So what is a social video? Social video covers the possibility to communicate about a video on a website. Website visitors are able to comment, share and give them certain values. These values can be used to categories the video's and rank them popularity. The most popular social video website is of course YouTube. YouTube has more than a billion users. That's almost one third of all the internet users in the world. Would't it be great if your video is available for all those people?

Social media and marketing

Video adds a strong visual factor to the experience of the consumer. In a economy where there is an increasing surplus and the experience become's more important, is the use of video in social media a strong marketing method. There are different uses of an social video. For example.You can make a promotional video to increase your business sales, enquirers and revenues or create a explainer video to convert visitors into clients.

What can Viedit do for you?

Viedit is a platform of freelance moviemakers and acts as your trusted third party. We make sure you get the video you asked for or you get your money back.

On our platform you can find and work direct with the best global freelancers. Simply post your animation project for free, get offers and chat with the freelancers before taking any decision. We have freelancers from over 100 countries, speak over 100 languages and offer a 24/7 service.

You can hire our freelancers for the following purposes:

  • Full production

How Viedit works

Video editing

It is quite common to have great raw footage, but unedited footage rarely makes for an appealing video. By adding cuts, effects and music, video gets much more entertaining. In order to make your video truly amazing, you have to edit it. Hire one of our freelance editors to edit your footage and create your social video.

Full production

A full production give you everything you need, from start to finish, to produce a memorable, professional, and share-worthy video. Use our network to find and work directly with the best local freelance movie makers in your area. Post your full production movie project and our freelancers will review it and place offers.


Animated videos are excellent in telling your story. The pre-production process is a very time consuming process. Its crucial to write a decent script. The animators on the Viedit platform have a lot of expertise on these subjects and are always willing to help you out!

Facebook video advertising

Integrating video marketing with social media marketing is now easier than ever. You can start today, by creating a facebook video ad. A promotional video, most frequently used to raise awareness or brand recognition amongst a targeted audience. Video advertisements combined with the sharing power of Facebook, creates a powerful Facebook advertising tool. Facebook marketing will never be the same, enhance your social media campaign today. View some examples of Facebook ads

Benefits of a Facebook video ads

Facebook advertising is fully integrated in most of today's social media campaigns, as Facebook is known for having more than 1 billion users registered. The social media behemoth that provides many new advertising techniques, greatly affecting the ‘social media strategy’ as we know it.

  • Creative control

  • Didn't like what you posted last week? No problem! Facebook advertising is a great platform to try out new things. With Facebook you have the flexibility to try each week something new faster and with less work.

  • Enhanced audience targeting

  • With Facebook advertising you are able to put your audience under the microscope. You can use your CRM data to create lookalike audiences with the help of Facebook's data. This means you're able to reach new people who are likely to be interested in your business because they're similar to customers you care about. It also gives you the opportunity to target your audience more precise because of the first-party data that's available trough people's profiles.

  • A/B testing capabilities

  • Facebook offers the ability to A/B test. It allows you to find out what work's and what doesn't work.

  • Improve video reach and views

  • Facebook can do what TV ads can't. Unlike TV ads, Facebook knows what you like and dislike. And with the millions of daily active users the potential reach your video's have are enormous.

  • Reach your mobile audience

  • With your Facebook ad you can reach them at the palm of their hand

  • Facebook insights

  • Facebook insights, the free statistic package every page admin has access to, gives a lot of useful information. It shows your where your audience come from, when they are online and how your messages or ads preform in terms of scope and interaction.

  • In summary

  • Facebook advertising allows your business to increase brand awareness and sales through enhance targeting, different platforms, while having creative flexibility. Now that you're equipped with the benefits of advertising on Facebook get started on your advertising video!

How do I grow my audience on YouTube?

As a Youtuber you want to get noticed. You want people to watch your video's and subscribe to your channel. There are many ways to accomplish this.

Everything from your channel’s header image, channel icon, channel trailer, the sections listed below it, and even how consistently you publish videos are all strategically aligned to intentionally communicate why your channel is valuable to your target audience. The easier you can make this for viewers the easier it will be for them to feel enticed to watch more videos and subscribe.

What is a channel trailer?

A channel trailer is the first thing people will see when they stumble upon your channel. It is their first impression of your channel, and as we all know a first impression is very important. So it is important that your channel trailer represents what your channel is all about, in a way that is pleasant to watch. View examples of trailers

How can Viedit help you?

It can be hard for someone to make a channel trailer that represent your channel. By using one of our editors to help you out with your trailer will not only safe you time, but because of there unbiased opinion of your YouTube channel they're able to make a good representative trailer about your channel.

On Viedit you can communicate with the editor of your choice at any step of the editing process. You can instruct your editor in such a way that the theme of the video will be in the same style as your channel.

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