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With the help of Viedit you have the ability to obtain, curate and enrich user generated videos. These video’s can be a very powerful marketing tool. Today's consumer does not buy a product just based on your story. Today's customer searches for customer reviews, customer experiences and customer testimonials. Wouldn’t it be great to turn user generated video content into an advertisement to convert visitors to new customers?

How can we help you?

By vouching or partial sponsoring our video edit services, consumers are encouraged to upload their own footage. A team of selected video editors, produce creative clips according to your preset instructions. The editors enrich the movie with relevant metadata which can be used to apply the movie towards targeted visitors of a website. Value added videos can be streamed on your channels and are ready to be watched and shared by your audience. You remain fully in control on all movies produced.

Why vouching?

By vouching our editing service you can obtain the necessary rights to use the content for marketing purposes. Encourage your customers to upload their footage. Add extra value to your product

Why Viedit

✓24/7 service
✓Thousands of professional editors with verified portfolios
✓video editors from over 100 countries

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Benefit from co-creation with your customers

Be distinctive by engaging your customers with a professional video service. Get high-quality and unique videos made by your customers for attractive production prices. Generate more online interaction with your customers subsequent to offline events. Improve your online visibility and brand awareness. Drive more traffic to your online channels. Improve your viral reach. Improve your search engine results and have targeted marketing opportunities. Viedit has made co-creating user generated videos easy and very accessible. Ideal for video marketing.

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