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A full-service production company will give you everything you need, from start to finish, to produce a memorable, professional, and share-worthy video. This means for example if you are looking for a video production wedding video the freelancer will record, edit and finalize the entire production with his own equipment and resources. Use our network to find and work directly with the best local freelance movie makers in your area. Post your video production movie project and our freelancers will review it and place offers. Our network consists of filmmakers from over 100 countries, speaking over 100 languages and offering a 24/7 video production service.

The Viedit service

  • ✓ Save time, effort and at the same time offer affordable services
  • ✓ Show the verified portfolios of thousands movie makers!
  • ✓ Receive offers on your video production project.
  • ✓ Chat with movie makers before taking a decision.
  • ✓ Easily choose the best movie maker.
  • ✓ More than 50.000 videos
  • ✓ Verified portfolios
  • ✓ Video production made easy.
  • ✓ Thousands of freelancers

Affordable video production moviemaking

Pricing is a difficult subject to cover when it comes to video production videos. The beauty of the Viedit platform is that clients decide the price of their projects themselves. Companies with smaller budgets still have a chance to obtain their desired movie by posting their specifications including budget on our network. The Viedit freelancers will send you their offers after you post your project, which is free! This way you can still decide wether the offered price of our freelancers is within your budget and get started on your video production video today.
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Boost your online marketing activities with video

People are always online either with their smartphone, laptop or desktop. For this reason it’s important to make use of online video marketing. Using video in your online marketing raises the conversion rate! People spend more time on your website when they see an explainer video and more than 80% of the visitors are more likely convinced to buy your product or service. A video gives a more personal connection between your company and the customer.

Benefits of storytelling video

Are you looking for the most powerful way to share a feeling? Then storytelling is what you are looking for. Stories help to understand things, inspire people or call to action. A storyteller knows how to connect with an audience. Storytelling combined with visuals and videos prove to be successful. Video storytelling linked with extensive use of social media form a touching and compelling digital storytelling campaign. Good stories leave an impression to the audience and enhances customer involvement. Story telling is an important tool to distinguish your company from the competition. Our freelancers are able to do just that!

Check out this example video, made by an editor from our network.

Why should I post my video production project on Viedit?

✓ Suited for pre-production, production and post production
✓ Viedit offers you the ability to work with multiple freelancers.
✓ Viedit makes a video production accesible and easy.
✓ Our freelancers can also help make business movies, or animation videos
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