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Have your own GoPro footage edited!

Over the years GoPro cameras have increased in popularity. Unfortunately a lot of the footage shot with GoPro cameras finds it's way to the internet unedited, which is a missed opportunity! The key to a perfect video is the editing of it. A lot of people either lack time or knowledge to edit a video. That's where Viedit can help you! Our network consists of thousands of skilled freelancers ready to start working on your project. It's easy, just post your footage on our website as a project, set your budget and start receiving offers now!

Benefits of an edited GoPro video

Properly filmed material is not yet a proper video. By cutting a video, adding music and effects to your footage the result will be even better than you had expected beforehand. Nobody wants to watch plain long footage, those arent the videos you still remember today. By outsourcing your video editing project you ensure your footage is in the hands of a skilled freelancer ready to start working on your video with the latest software and techniques. After having your video edited you can proudly share it with the rest of the world!

Earn up to $5000 with your GoPro footage!

GoPro customers can earn monetary rewards for pursuing and documenting their passions and contributing their content to be featured on the GoPro Channel and more. For more info visit

Why Viedit?

✓ Decide your own budget!
✓ Save yourself valueable time and get the best offer on our online platform!
✓ Find the perfect editor out of thousands professional freelance video editors!
✓ Payment to the editor only happens when the client is satisfied!
✓ Our editors can also edit your wedding video, birthday video or winter sports video

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Our moviemakers can cut and edit all your footage and are already experienced in using GoPro videos. Take a look at some of the GoPro videos on our platform:
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What about your drone footage?

With the upcoming popularity and rise of the drones comes new footage. Drone videos give us a chance to see the world from a different angle, and that is awesome. Ofcourse not every minute of footage is worth the highlight, thats why it is important to get your footage edited. Hour long drone videos aren't full of excitement, thats why you need an editor to make your raw footage into a piece of art. Our platform contains thousands of editors ready to take your footage to the next level and create an awesome video together.After having your drone video edited you can proudly share it with the rest of the world!

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