Easily create unforgettable 'happy birthday' videos

Simply upload the videos you made, select a video editor and your new video will be done in a few days

Make it memorable

A great short video of a few minutes of the best moments is a lot more powerful than watching two or three hours of footage. Also by editing the movie, you can add music and make it come to life even more! Take a look at this birthday video example. Such a nice video can be shared with family and enjoyed for years to come.

Happy birthday video examples:

A unique gift to remember

Gather footage of the birthday from all your friends and simply upload it to Viedit. Choose one of our thousands of video editors, set your budget and explain how you want your end movie to look like. You can tell the editor which parts of which raw footage you want him to implement in the end movie, or you can leave it completely to him. You can get your footage edited starting at €50. Get started now on this unforgettable present! You could also use other footage for a happy birthday video like for example Home, Winter sports, Music or maybe even a Wedding or GoPro footage!

Why Viedit?

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