Get your winter sports movie edited!

Create an impressive winter sports movie

During your winter sports holiday in Austria, Switzerland, Canada, France or an other amazing place you've created nice videos. But in order to share them on Facebook they need to be edited. Imagine an enthusiastic video editor will produce a beautiful short movie the same day and you can share it with others on the internet. Simply post your project to receive offers from various creative video editors.

Why you should edit your winter sports videos

After a ski holiday you have lots of raw footage, and it would be a shame if you would leave it like that. All the footage you have recorded, like your children having their first ski lessons, playing in the snow or some beautiful mountains, are memories that must be preserved and shared with your friends. Raw footage just won’t do any more these days. Having your videos edited by freelance editors is a great way for people like you to obtain great videos. View some examples of winter sport videos

How can you start?

Upload videos or simply link your videos from Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive or Box. Describe how you want your video to look like, share some examples and choose the music. Freelance editors will respond to your project and create offers. You can select the editor that suits your needs best, and you can interact with this editor to make sure your video will turn out just the way you want. Need assistance? Contact us!

Why Viedit?

- Great variety of editors, from young talented starters to experienced movie makers.
- You can simply choose from a great variety of creative styles
- Our global editors provide a truly 24/7 editing service and understand over 60 different languages
- Our editors can also edit your sport video, or your GoPro video.

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