Roy Boersema

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The Hague
Joined in December 2014
Languages: Dutch, English, German

Panasonic Gh4(for 4K), Sony A7s(For low amazing light), Panasonic Gh2(fantastic full-HD B-cam), Panasonic Gh1(C-cam), Sony A200(for 3rd cam any timelapse recording) Full range lens set(details below) --- Audio: Rode Ntg2 shotgun mic. - for interview with warm sounf Sony shotgun mic. - 2nd mic foor live recordings Beachtech preamp - For amplified noisefree signal directly to camera's Zoom H4n - External recording Boompole ---- Stabilization: Sachtler Tripod - Main fluidhead Miller Air Tripod - 2nd fluidhead Manfrotto tripod - reserve/audio Crane, Hague 2,5m - fantastic floor to high up crane shots Glidecam HD2000 - smooth handheld Shoulder rig ---- Lenses: 18-35mm f1.8 Sigma 20mm f1.7 Panasonic 24mm f1.4 Nikon 35mm f2.8 Nikon 50mm f1.4 Canon 85mm f1.4 Samyang 14-140mm Panasonic Metabones speedbooster ---- Editing system: 8core, 32gb, Geforce 560ti system Nearfield monitors Calibrated 1440p monitor ---- Software skills Premiere - Proficient Final Cut 7 - Proficient Sony Vegas - Competent After Effects - Advanced beginner Illustrator - Advanced beginner Photoshop - Advanced beginner


Tjibbe Productions The Hague Filmaker 4K Event recording Sfeerimpressie aftermovie A7s Low Light narrative Mood video crane music Great vibe


Young vigorous filmmaker, communication semi-expert and aspiring adept at life in general.

Owner of Tjibbe Productions
- Event Recording
- Corporate videos
- Mood videos
- Online video marketing Concept/strategy/content
- Sound recording
- Cameraman
- Editing
- Music mixing
- Full Productions
- Timelpases

Cirque du Theatre - Official Aftermovie

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