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Joined in September 2019
Languages: English

I use the softwares Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects, although I am not a stranger to swapping programs, as I did start out using Sony Vegas. I use a Macbook Air with 16GB of RAM and an intel i5 processor. I can also borrow equipment for free from my college to make videos from scratch, which includes Cannon 5Ds, Sony FS-700s and Cannon 550s just in the camera department. I can also get my hands on Shotgun microphones and recorders, Fig Rigs, Jibs, Glide-cams, Sliders, Shoulder Rigs, and Dollies.


After Effects video editor Premiere Pro adobe


I am a 17 year old, who is currently studying Film production. My speciality is definitely editing, as I have been editing since I was 12 years old. However, I am also able to use after effects on a basic level, and if needed, I can also create videos from scratch with some proficiency, from commercials to fully blown films.

Sutherland Hill - Short Film

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