Julian Rodriguez

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New York
Joined in September 2013
Languages: English

With a desire to create thought provoking and beautiful imagery, Hooligan Productions delivers high quality cinematography and editing services. You can rest assured that your vision will be captured through the use of their services. With experience shooting a wide range of projects from event videography to narratives Julian has the eye and knowledge needed for your production.

Getting his start 12 years ago, shooting event videography, Julian quickly realized his love for camera work and editing. Throughout the years, this slowly turned from an interest into a passion.
Julian saw an opportunity in this powerful medium to speak for those who cannot, tell a powerful story, inform, entertain and alert others. Seeing this opportunity has directed his vision and continues to guide his journey.
Julian has worked on a wide range of projects including short films, reality shows, corporate videos, and commercials. He thoroughly enjoys the whole process, from conception to final cut, Julian respects and understands the delicacy with which every project must be approached. His understanding of the craft and desire to create and crystallize your vision into a tangible work of art is apparent in his work, and shines every step of the way.

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