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Joined in January 2020
Languages: English

To capture my footage for various environments and tasks i use the following several GoPro's, 4black, 4silver, 5black, 6black, 8black, Gopro Specific Gimbal Panasonic G7 (4k 100mbs @60fps) Various lenses for all occasions Drone with Comercial Licence and 4k osmo camera Sony DSLR 4K camera with various lenses Nikon DSLR 4k camera, more for taking pictures Full Adobe Editing Suite, Final Cut Pro, Sound Forge, Cubase, Fully capable current high end video editing machines. Mobile editing systems when camped out on location.


My name is Chris Hover, im a freelance Video Editor and Videographer. My forte is working on action and outdoor activities, providing markting material for products such as paragliders, paraglider schools, kite surfing schools, and travel films.

My work has made it onto the BBC, particularly for a program called Claimed and Shamed, where i provided paragliding and travel footage from Morrocco to the production company tell their story.

My work has also been taken on by the Morroccan tourist board, without my consent, but i guess thats how they do things over there.

I have also provided non activity based companies with videos promoting there products, such as Access Cameras and Storm Buggies, videos can be found on my profile.

UP Paragliders Meru, Green Dragons Promo.

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