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Joined in January 2014
Languages: English

iMac, Final Cut Pro, Motion, Canon DSLR, Rode Video Mic


Editor videographer kinetic text documentary interview play trailer trailers promo promotions


I've been editing videos, promos, trailers, entire plays and more for the past 6 years. This includes a number of different styles of both editing and video production including:
• Trailers: To promote a number of upcoming plays and events, I’ve created a large number of trailers. Over the past few years, the trailers have become both more expansive and more numerous
• Documentaries: I’ve helped create a short documentary about a trip to Israel
• Plays: I’ve setup a full video recording, mixing, and editing for live events including the performance of a number of musical plays. The latest included a 7 camera shoot and multi-cam editing.
• Visual Effects: I have also created several sets of visual effects for a live performance of The Wizard of Oz.
• Short Film: For a community play production of Grease, I was asked to film the horror movie to be shown on screen during the Drive In Movie sequence.
• Kinetic Text: I’ve incorporated that style into title sequences I’ve done. I’ve also done a full book promo using kinetic text and still photos set to music.
• Wedding Shoot I’ve edited a behind the scenes video for a wedding photo shoot. It focused not only on the photographer, but also on the hair and makeup; on the caterer; and all the other folks that contributed to the day.
• Promos: I’ve been hired to do has been to create a promotional video for business.
• Live Concerts: I’ve filmed a number of live concert performances. Many of them high school band, orchestra and jazz band.

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