Your business needs a video

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Your business needs a video

If your business haven’t started using video effectively, it would be wise to start as soon as possible. Where companies used to push their video with the traditional media such as television and radio, they now have shifted their focus towards the online landscape. This trend will grow even more in the next few years. They do it for a good reason because online video is the most engaging content for social media users that watch and share thousands of videos everyday! We will tell you the six biggest benefits online video has to offer for your business.

1. Conversion

Online video raises the conversion rate. People spend more time on your website when they see an explainer video and more than 80% of the visitors are more likely convinced to buy your product or service.

2. Better SEO results

Websites with video content have more succes than stale websites using a lot of text. You have 50 times more chance to become on the first page of Google when you post videos on your website because Google is pushing video to the top of search results. But not only your findability is increased, you also have the opportunity to monitor and analyse your target audience and track where your viewers come from and measure the video results.

3. Effective communication

Most online communication is asynchronous. Which means the communication is not happening at the same moment with your audience, examples of this principle are Facebook posts and email. People can read your messages at different times. Telecommunication like Skype where you can (video)chat or a phone call is synchronous, it is happening at the same time.

While video is also an asynchronous communication but with video there is more social and emotional communication attached. When the viewer is hearing someone talk, the viewer is more likely to relate or connect with that person. This means that the viewer will understand your message faster and better in comparison with reading text. Besides people rather want to see a video than reading blocks of texts.

4. Customer Experience

People are more likely to have a misinterpretation about your product or service when they have to read through blocks of text, while with video, you provide your audience a better experience and understanding how your product or service actually works. By using a video your business will gain trust from your audience and convince them to buy something. A video gives a more personal connection between your company and the customer.

Tip: With the short attention span these days, it’s recommended to not make your videos longer than one minute! One minute should be long enough to make a purchase decision.

5. Online videos are everywhere!

People are always online with their smartphones and for this reason it’s important that your videos are smartphone ready! Watching online videos on phones has become a growing trend. In fact, watching online videos on smartphones was responsible for more than half of all used mobile data in 2014! It’s expected that even more mobile data will be used by watching online videos on smartphones the next few years.

6. Easy to share

Your online video doesn’t have to be available exclusively on your website with free video hosting sites such as Vimeo and Youtube. Youtube is the 2nd biggest search engine in the world where everyday thousands of videos are uploaded. This is the place to be to have a video! However, right now Facebook is taking over Youtube as "the" online video platform. Social media allows you to easily add key words or tags on your video headline or around your video description. The videos are easy to spread throughout several online channels and people can even share the video with their friends, which is hard to do with text and pictures.

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This article is written by Remy van Wolde

Remy is a parttime blogger and is responsible for the launch of Viedits blog. He has a passion for video and interest in contentmarketing.

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