Why you should use video in e-mailmarketing

Why you should use video in e-mailmarketing

E-mail is an important tool for businesses to approach their target audience and other potentional customers. The purpose of e-mailmarketing is engaging a new relationship or to improve by sending them messages with an e-mail provider.

The drawback of e-mail is, it’s quickly considered as spam. This is prevented with ‘’Opt-in’’ e-mailing where you ask the user for permission to send them e-mails. For example when someone is subscribed on your website, the user chooses to receive emails. E-mailmarketing is cheap and has a high ROI. The results are easy to analyse and you can easily see what e-mail works and which don’t. E-mailmarketing is one of the most effective online marketing tactics! More than the half of all internet users watch en send e-mails daily. Adventisers can optimalise e-mails for users by making these as personal and relevant possible.

Make the email worthwile to read!

Don’t let the e-mail go straight to the spam folder. How do you make meaningful e-mails and what is the role of video? Your succes depends on how effective you communicate with your e-mail, therefore use video! Don’t use boring text that nobody wants read! Instead, use video to tell your story visual. At Viedit you can easily create your video by one of our top videomakers! Here are the biggest benefits of video e-mailmarketing.

Time saving

Short videos are very eye-catching under subscribers and grabs their attention since they find video more interesting than text. Video makes sure information about a product or service is told faster and more personal within a limited amount of time. This is more effecient since your messages gets understands better, which ultimately leads to more succes.

Increase in engagement

When you use video in e-mail, there is a more likely chance it will improve engagement. Recent studies show people spending more time watching your e-mails when there is a video included in comparison to an e-mail without video.

More likely to be shared

You get a positive experience with the product or service after watching the video. For this reason e-mails containing a video are more likely to be forwarded. It gives them the opportunity to share your video on social media and even leave messages under the video.

Conversion : Increase Click through rate and return on investment

Marketeers report that more clicks on links are generated. The click through rate is more likely to increase. According to a study by The Relevancy Group, appears that e-mails with video have a high increase in ROI with 40%!

Sounds fantastic! But why is video in e-mail not optimally used then?

There are two main reasons why video isn’t fully used in e-mails. First, big e-mail providers such as Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo don’t support video in e-mail. The providers that do support video are devices from Apple, Apple mail and Outlook.com. It is difficult to know what e-mail provider a client use. A good solution to this problem is using a GIF picture instead which links to the relevant landingspage where the video is being played.

And secondly, also the main reason why video content isn’t used according The Relevancy Group. A lot of marketeers want to use video, especially with products and services that need a lot of explanation but simply do not have the right knowledge and tools to realise their ideas. Currently, clients have easy and cheap solutions to realise their videos. At Viedit you can set your own budget for your video project and the choice to choose one of the 2000 videomakers!

However a lot of marketeers are seeing the use of video positively and they want to integrate more video in the e-mail. For a good reason because video has proven to be very effective if it's about eye-catching, engagement and ROI. Video is the best way to connect with your target audience whom will understand your message better.

Helpfull tips when including video in email

When you choose to add video onto your e-mail, there are a few practical tips that you can use, such as:

✓ Use a challenging thumbnail shot from the video. Don’t use the first frame of the video, instead use a shot with more action.

✓ Add an exciting play button above the thumbnail. Everyone knows in the meanwhile how a ‘’play’’ button looks like.

✓ The video must be relevant to the e-mail. It has no use to add a video that diverge from the subject. Stay to-the-point!

✓ Give them a reason to watch your video.

✓ When a GIF picture is used instead of a video with a link attached to the landingspage, make sure the video is auto-played on the landingspage. Don’t use autoplay in the e-mail! Give them the freedom to choose when they want click on the link or video.

✓ Make the video personal and use emotions. This is good to earn trust.

✓ Call to action. Very important! You want the viewer to take action after watching the video. Add social sharing buttons or a contact form.

Are you embedding video in e-mails and do you want to share your personal experience? Leave a message below and don't forget to share the article!

This article is written by Remy van Wolde

Remy is a parttime blogger and is responsible for the launch of Viedits blog. He has a passion for video and interest in contentmarketing.

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