How to use out of home video

How to use out of home video

Online advertising is getting more effective and businesses are shifting from traditional advertising to online advertising. But outside the online landscape, video is being used in new ways as well. Television commercials are still going strong and in big cities like Tokyo or New York you will find video advertisement everywhere on crowded spots. The use of videos can be applied on different scales. Just to name a few examples: from restaurants to snackbars, clothshops to banks, airports, metro- trainstations and from billboards to small LED screens in metros. This is called ''Out Of Home advertising. This kind of advertising exist for a long time but is being replaced by moving images; Digital Out Of Home advertising (DOOH).

Dooh video has a brief and clear use of moving images and text. Moving images are eye-catching and therefor more stores are playing video in front of their store. For example a restaurant shows through a video their best dishes in front of the window. When people walk by and see the video, they are more likely conviced to come in and eat some food.

Dooh advertising is seeing a growth since more consumers are spending more time with media outside their homes. Increased engagement with dooh screen content linked to mobile devices is giving more exposure to the medium by growth in both public transport and longer shopping hours.

Businesses are looking for more interaction with people by making billbaords interactive. Usually business give unique codes away for discounts, have to scan a QR-code which links to a webpage or make a selfie with a billboard. Below are a few examples how other companies take a more interactive, playfull and creative approach.


Pepsi went viral with this campaign with 7.3 million views on Youtube. People were enjoying the Pepsi experience. This campaign reminds us that augmented reality can be succesfully used when businesses want to add an experimental component on top of their marketing plan. The whole goal for Pepsi's campaign was to shock people and fans in a good way.

Adobe Creative Day

Photoshop live was a fan that monitored a busstop and took pictures of people that were waiting for the bus. Those pictures were then live photoshopped for them to witness. With 24 millions views, the campagin was considered a succes as the story with their reactions were retold in this video.

British Airways

This video looks simple but was difficult to execute. They used a strong antenne that received data about several airplanes within 200km. Then on the board you will see a small child pointing at the airplane flying overhead. A message on the board appears with the origination of the plane departed from Barcelona. This board encouraged people to watch the flying plane. The ''Lookup'' campagin won several prices.

T-Mobile Angry Birds

Back in 2011 T-Mobile launched a Angry Birds Live campaign to use the popularity of the game and connect it with their range of smartphones. People could control the live game via the T-Mobile smartphone. The video with over 18 million views is widely considered as a succes.

Have you once experienced or seen new methods of ooh advertising? Inspire us with your story.

This article is written by Remy van Wolde

Remy is a parttime blogger and is responsible for the launch of Viedits blog. He has a passion for video and interest in contentmarketing.

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