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You've created great footage and you would like an editor to create a great video to share with friends and family. We are a movie makers network with many enthusiastic video editors in many kinds of video. Just post your project and get free offers. You can chat with the editors before taking any decision.

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Your Pet video edited by freelancers

Starting at €50,-

Get your pet video edited

A nice short edited video of your pet is nice to watch and easy to share with your friends. We offer you a good opportunity to get your dog or cat videos edited by affordable freelancers. Get your pet video produced by freelancers movie makers and share the most memorable moment with your pet with your friends soon. Share the amazing tricks your cat can do with everyone with a state of the art film.

Find and work with your ideal freelancer at Post your footage of your pets, get free offers, choose the best and get your great pet video created. All starting at just €50,-. Are you ready to share your lovely pet videos with your friends?

Your Art video edited by freelancers

Starting at €50,-

Your art video edited by a creative!

Art is personal and based on experiences, skills and creativity. So why not choose a video editor who fits the best with the artist? As an artist it's very difficult to get noticed by the public. One way is to get accepted by a gallery but that is not as easy as it sounds. Most of the portfolios send to a gallery ignored. And even if you made it to a gallery you still only reach a small group of people. So why not use video to communicate your art? Promote your artwork with using video marketing!

As a starting artist probably don't have the resources or contacts to breakthrough. Our creative freelance video editors can help you out. Record your art on video and our editors will turn your footage into an impressive video!

Your Experimental video edited by freelancers!

Starting at €50,-

Your Experimental video edited by freelancers!

Starting at €50,-

Get your experimental video edited

An experimental video has a heavy focus on re-evaluating cinematic conventions and explores new ways of editing and producing video's. Viedit video editors will offer you methods of editing your video that are not mainstream. Be original and experiment with for example themes like art disciplines,dance, literature, painting or poetry.

Experimental video's are an impressive way to show your audience that you are pushing the boundaries of video editing and are open to innovation. The process that leads up to a true experimental video requires advanced video editing skills. All Viedit video editors have a broad portfolio and many have done video editing experiments. Ready for your next experiment?

Your Car video edited by freelancers!

Starting at €50,-

Get your car video edited!

You like showing your car to the world, but you do not want to show bad boring long footage. Get your car footage edited by a professional into a movie that you would love to share with everyone. Get free offers, starting at €50,-.

Your Funny video edited by freelancers!

Get your own funny video made by a freelancer

Do you have a for plan funny video that needs editing into a great video? Our video editors can give that extra tweak to make it great. There are many different types of funny videos such as slapstick, wisecrack, and parody. Do you have a skill for Pivot Stickfigure Animator, do people find you randomly funny? Whatever your strong suit of comedy is, make this the base that you use for the majority of your videos.

If you like a few different genres of comedy, mix them together or have some parody videos, some sketches, etc. If you can not think of any, then do what you think in your mind. Long story short, comedy is there for one sole reason: to make people laugh.

Your Tech video edited by freelancers!

Starting at €50,-

Get your tech video produced

We believe Tech videos can be great! If you have a new developed app, invention or product, you want to convince your audience to view and or buy it. Creating a Tech video for marketing purposes is one of the most effective ways to show what your product is capable of.

Get yourself an explainer animation video or get your raw footage edited by a professional. Animated videos are more entertaining to watch and will convince your audience easily.

Your Gaming video edited by freelancers!

Starting at €50,-

Get your own gaming video made by a freelancer

Are you an awesome gamer, but a noob in video editing? You tried editing your game footage in program’s like movie maker or imovie but your gameplay footage doesn’t look as awesome as you want it to look? Don’t worry Viedit has a affordable solution!

Gameplay footage can be hours long and not every minute of it will be exciting. Edited gameplay videos are exciting to watch and showcase your skills much better. Through our movie makers network you can get in contact with an editor that fits your style and makes your footage shine. view some of the gaming video’s of our editors

Post your videos on your favorite website such as YouTube or show it to your friends. You can share your state of the art edited video on social media or your personal website. With your edited gameplay footage, you will reach more people and the chance they like it or share it is much bigger. Gameplay highlights and videos will impress people. Video and streaming networks such as YouTube and Twitch can be the place to post your newly edited videos and start building up an audience. A professionally edited video from Viedit starts at just €50,-, sharing it is priceless!